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Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment. If you have any questions about a session, please refer to the FAQ section below.  

  • At Mary's Winter Park office

    1 hr

    195 US dollars
  • Online Zoom video call, recording available

    1 hr

    195 US dollars
  • Traditional phone call

    1 hr

    195 US dollars
  • How long is an appointment?
    Appointments are one hour in length.
  • What is the cost of an appointment?
    The cost for a full one-hour appointment is $195. Payments are required in advance and may be made through Wix Payments or Paypal. *If finances are a real constraint, please reach out directly via the contact form regarding your personal circumstances.
  • Are online/virtual appointments just as effective?
    Yes. Clients from around the world have sought Mary’s guidance and insights, and have come away from their session feeling inspired and uplifted. Zoom is the virtual platform used and the link to meeting will be sent earlier the same day. If you do not initially find the link, make sure to check your email's spam folder as it may have gone there.
  • What if I can't find an appointment times that works for my schedule?
    Please reach out directly via the contact form to explain your circumstances and share your idea appointment times and format.
  • Is the a Cancellation Wait List?
    Yes, Mary maintains an active cancellation wait list. If you wish to be added to the list, reserve an appointment then state your request in the optional message section of the form. Your name will then be added to the list.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    This is your session to guide and direct. For the best outcome, you are encouraged to prepare a list of questions and topics that you wish to discuss ahead of time. All topics are welcome and the list can accompany you to the appointment. Please do not send your list in advance.
  • May I record my appointment?
    Yes, recording is not only allowed, but it is encouraged. Many find listening back to the session to be quite helpful and insightful. All Zoom sessions will include an audio recording unless otherwise noted.
  • Can I pick more than one service?
    Absolutely. The time together can be structured to best support your desires. More than one service can be provided. However, in one hour, not all options can be covered.
  • Can more than one person attend?
    Yes, a one-hour appointment can be shared by two people. If more than two will be in attendance, there will be an additional cost of $50.
  • Are group readings available?
    At this time, Mary is limiting her availability to individuals, couples, etc. No larger group events are currently being scheduled.
  • What are the rescheduling and cancellation policies?
    A minimum of a one day (24 hour) notice is requested for appointments that will be cancelled or rescheduled, and is required to receive a full refund. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, a 50% refund will be issued.
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