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Express Your YES!

Express Your YES!



Are you looking for clarity and confidence in making decisions? Curious how to clearly read your gut feeling and readily access your intuition for life direction?


Express Your YES! is an easy-to-learn technique for utilizing your own inner wisdom at any time, in any place. In about an hour, you can begin to harness your intuition to help guide you through real-life situations. This technique is easy-to-use, quick, effective, and reliable.


The YES! technique was developed by Mary over 15 years ago and has been successfully taught to and utilized by hundreds of people ever since. 


Are you ready to feel inspired and confident with your decisions?

If so, the solution lies within this book!


Available here as a signed copy, or on Amazon as an unsigned copy.


*To ensure delivery by Dec. 24th, orders must be received by Dec. 10th.

  • M.T. says:

    "Mary, I love and use your book. It has changed the way that I make decisions which is wonderful! Thanks for helping me Express My YES!"

  • J.L. says:

    "Mary, I thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed your book! The technique is simple yet powerful. Your writing is clear and concise, yet reads like a conversation. The information you present is easy to retain long after reading and the photographs are delightful."

  • J.P. says:

    "Mary, my husband and I both read your book and were impressed!
    ​It was awesome how you knew pain and sacrifice but always spotted the 'Yes' bright side!"

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