Are you looking for clear guidance, purposeful direction, and/or a meaningful connection with a loved one in spirit? Are you curious about Past Lives or the Angels and Guides that work with you specifically? And would you like to better utilize your own natural gifts and abilities? If so, please consider booking a session with Mary.


A full list of Mary's services is provided below. Additional details and the benefits of these services are further down.

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Mary Hayes - Services

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Summers Hardy

Soul ColorS

Remarkable insights about your unique abilities, talents, and personality.

 LIfe questions

Receive inspired answers about relationships, career, health, family, etc.


Gentle and comforting connection with your Loved Ones in spirit.


Specific guidance regarding the use of your own innate, intuitive gifts.


Comprehensive and valuable information based on the letters in your name.


A gentle process providing fascinating information about your prior lifetimes.

past life

Meaningful information about the specific light workers helping you.

angels &

Color and Reiki Therapies used to aid in restoring health and well-being.


Sessions for any group of people. Mix and match the services that you desire.

couples, families &

What to expect with a session

Hear directly from Mary about how she does her work and how it can benefit you. Learn why her approach allows you to feel comforted, supported, and empowered, and why she is passionate about her work.

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Details & benefits

Each session is tailored to your specific needs and interests. You select your preferred areas of focus from the choices above, with the ability to mix and match as you please. Recording the session is highly encouraged in order to extend the benefits and help with recalling key insights. You are also welcome to bring someone else along to share in this empowering experience.


Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from having a session with Mary…


An improved sense of well-being

Renewed purpose and direction

Increased energy and optimism

Expanded personal insights

Restored inner peace

Much more joy! 

​Mary considers this work to be an honor and will do everything possible to provide meaningful and lasting results.



“Mary has changed my world in the most beautiful of ways with her special gifts! After my sessions with her, I’ve always felt in so much of a better place and so much more connected to myself and the universe. I highly recommend her.”

—  E.R., Client