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Are you looking for clear guidance, purposeful direction, or meaningful connection with your loved ones and pets in spirit?


Would like to know how unique and exquisite your Soul Colors really are?


And are you an empath or high sensitive wanting to better understand your exceptional gifts and abilities?


Would you like to have a stronger understanding and connection with your own angels and guides? Or perhaps you are fascinated with past lives or dream interpretation and would like to know more.


If so, scheduling a session with Mary could be most beneficial, empowering, and enjoyable. Below you will find a detailed list of her services.

To book an session with Mary, please visit the appointments page.

*Please Note: All services below can be mixed and matched.

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 LIfe questions

Receive inspired answers about relationships, career, health, family, etc.

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Specific guidance regarding the use of your own innate, intuitive gifts.


Lotus Lady Sages and Healers image
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Learn simple ways to better embrace, use, and manage your extraordinary gift of sensitivity.



Clear and comforting communication with your loved ones & pets in spirit.

Angel image

Soul ColorS

Remarkable insights about your unique abilities, personality and characteristics.

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angels & Guides

Meaningful information about the specific light workers helping you.

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Beneficial insights and meanings of your dreams.

Dream Interpretation

A gentle process providing fascinating information about prior lifetimes.

past life

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What to expect with a session

Hear directly from Mary about how she does her work and how it can benefit you. Learn why her approach allows you to feel comforted, supported, and empowered, and why she is passionate about her work.

Mary Hayes' office

Details & benefits

Each session is tailored to your specific needs and interests. You select your preferred areas of focus from the choices above, with the ability to mix and match as you please. Recording the session is highly encouraged in order to extend the benefits and help with recalling key insights. You are also welcome to bring someone else along to share in this empowering experience.


Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from having a session with Mary…


An improved sense of well-being

Renewed purpose and direction

Increased energy and optimism

Expanded personal insights

Restored inner peace

Much more joy! 

​Mary considers this work to be an honor and will do everything possible to provide meaningful and lasting results.

Speaking & Teaching

Are you looking for a vibrant and inspiring speaker for your next event? Do you want someone who will be well-informed, interesting and engaging? Consider making Mary your choice. With a wide variety of intriguing topics and as an experienced and beloved teacher & speaker, Mary will certainly provide the perfect presentation. From conventions to intimate gatherings, national podcasts, schools and webinars, she delights the audience with her warm personality and quick wit. 

Mary is a natural teacher who brings passion and clarity to many oft misunderstood topics. She welcomes questions and readily creates a sincere and respectful connection. Among her more noted events include:

  • Speaker at The National Nurses Convention

  • Provided an 8-hour accredited online course through the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.  

  • Keynote speaker for the annual convention for IIH

  • Served as a guest teacher at both the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy and the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy.

  • Speaker at The Central Florida Facility Managers Conference

  • Provided her transformative Intuitive Course to self-development groups such as P3 (Personal Power and Prosperity), as well as many churches and groups throughout Florida.

  • Guest speaker on various podcasts


Intuition 101+ Learn how to recognize the evident physical signs – aka gut sense - in order to utilize the body’s natural gift of intuition.  This original, quick, and effective technique developed by Mary has been proven to be a real game changer! People of all ages and backgrounds have come to rely on this simple yet effective technique to make inspired decisions to help transform their daily lives. 

Mediumship Most everyone longs for reassuring messages from their loved ones in Spirit. And fortunately, all are capable of receiving meaningful signs, dreams and more from those on the other side. With over 25 years of professional experience as a medium, Mary offers ways to better understand and even expand the abilities to connect with those who have passed.   

Simple Tools for Inspired Living There are times in life when everyone gets overwhelmed. How do we return to center and a place of confident peace? Mary offers very do-able and easy ways to come back to balance. Just having a toolbox on hand filled with hammers, nails, etc., this upbeat workshop offers practical and enjoyable advice. 

Channeling Working most effectively as a conduit for illuminating guides, Mary is readily able to step back from the forefront and directly communicate on behalf of a loving, wise group to offer specific, inspired insights and encouraging messages.  

Managing the Gifts of High Sensitivity and Empathy Many people are gifted with high sensitivity, empathy and compassion. While these are beautiful gifts, they do require understanding and acceptance along with exceptional self-care, awareness and healthy boundaries. Mary can authentically speak to heart of these oft-misunderstood abilities offering guidelines to manage, best utilize and even thrive using these special gifts. 

Soul Colors Nearly everyone desires to better understand themselves at the deepest most profound level. Mary’s unique Soul Color  process is truly a respectful and uplifting way to glimpse the beautiful aspect of each individuals soul. This workshop offers tangible steps to access and then interpret the images shown so as to offer beneficial information to themselves and others.  

Healthy Grieving Death is a part of life, and all will experience the pain of loss when a loved one passes. Grieving can be scary, misunderstood, lonely and a myriad of other difficult emotions. Yet, grief is indicative of a meaningful connection and an essential part of the healing process. As a seasoned and well respected intuitive counselor and medium, Mary has dealt with all types of death – that of a child, death by suicide, murder, etc. She has also known firsthand the heartbreak of death losing her own mother to tragic death at a young age. Mary is able to offer real comfort and reassuring  guidance so that the journey of grief can still be filled with understanding and grace.  


Other topics available such as:

Past Lives

Dream Visitations

Book Club Discussions

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“Mary has changed my world in the most beautiful of ways with her special gifts! After my sessions with her, I’ve always felt in so much of a better place and so much more connected to myself and the universe. I highly recommend her.”

—  E.R., Client

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