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My Dear Friend,

We find ourselves in a most unusual time – challenging in many ways, no doubt. I continue to see the image of a walnut that has broken out of its shell. Rarely, do we grieve fro the broken shell or linger too long on the struggle required for it to be opened. We rejoice instead on the possibilities for the walnut – be it a tree or be it a snack. I see a strong parallel in the world around us. The shell, the structure, has in many ways served its purpose and appears to be breaking apart. Surely, it is time for the structure to give way to the new.

Our concern and fears are understandable. Yet, this time of great change is an important part of the transition toward a more humane world. A world where there will be more kindness, more unity, more compassion and yes, more love.

Hold strong, therefore, to your beliefs. Find grace in silence. Seek the companionship and support of those who are aligned with your highest good. Be gentle with yourself. And remember the immense support coming to you from the unseen realms.

You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. And, if during this time, you would seek my guidance, I will be available for phone sessions by appointment.

I send you the kindest regards and sweetest blessings,


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