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Puddles in the Parking Lot

Many of us well know the intensity of a late afternoon Florida rain storm. These storms, when they come through, can be very impressive!

     Last summer, I needed to go quickly into the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items for a dinner meeting. The parking lot, not unusually so, was filled with cars. I was forced, therefore, to park at the furthest point from the store’s entrance. Strong rain was pouring down and waiting for it to pass was not a viable option. The choice that I did have, however, was how best to navigate my passage across the parking lot. Fortunately, I keep an umbrella in my car.

     The real challenge was how to save my shoes from ruin. I could wear them, of course, and do my best to avoid the many puddles that had already formed. That would be the responsible and acceptable thing to do. Or, I could carry them and just enjoy the splish splash of water on my feet. This would mean risking dirty toes and possibly a cut if there were any broken glass. But, I knew the store well, and the surface was typically kept quite clean.

     The bigger risk that I actually feared was the scrutiny and criticism of those watching a “grown woman in business clothes” looking so ridiculous! I sought the source of my inner wisdom and decided that my “YES!” was to hold my shoes, purse and umbrella, and run carefully towards the door. Thus, the rain, rather than diminishing my joy, quite honestly added to my delight and the little jaunt toward the door proved to be such fun!

     Those brief moments in the rain showered me with long lasting joy. But what surprised me the most was the response of those who witnessed my ‘silly’ little decision to be barefoot. The onlookers, far from staring harshly or with judgmental glares, smiled in amusement as they shared in my harmless bit of fun! I was even waved on and encouraged! No one said “no” to my decision. In fact, it brought many smiles and even laughter as they saw me not dodging the rain but celebrating it!

     Courage is sometimes required in order for us to live in what I call our “YES!” Often we are so concerned about what others will think. Yet, joy is contagious and most often others will celebrate with us when we allow ourselves the freedom to more fully experience the gift of this amazing life! When our spirit shines through, not only are we blessed, but we also bless those around us. Our simplest choices can inspire and uplift far beyond the more obvious.

     Let us choose to enjoy our lives, all the while accepting that it will not be perfect. Let’s Express Our YES! a little more each day and witness the amazing results in and around our world.

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